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If you mandate us, to manage your property, we must therefore ensure compliance with all the mutual obligations defined in the lease of the law of July 6, 1989, which currently links you in your case to your tenant. These reciprocal obligations to which we will be responsible are essentially defined as follows:



  • Occupy the premises and enjoy the property in "good father"
    (respect the neighborhood, the destination of the building)
  • Occupy the premises and enjoy the property in "good father"
    (respect the neighborhood, the destination of the building)
  • Pay rent and expenses (as well as accruals, annual variations, taxes)
  • Contract home insurance (permanently)
  • Obligate to allow in some cases access to housing (work, visits to re-let, or to sell)
  • Possible specific clauses provided for in the lease



  • Ensure respect for enjoyment in "good father"
  • Cash in rents and charges
  • Regularize the charges annually
  • Adjust the rent annually according to the index
  • Cover the garbage tax
  • Ensure compliance with any specific clauses of the lease
  • Issue receipt at first request
  • Ensure the quality of the premises at all times
    (closed, covered, decent housing)
  • Put the tenant in default in case of default in his obligations
  • As a professional, we also provide answers and advice to the tenant (thus avoiding possible conflict situations between a lessor and his tenant)

Know that this service is the basis of our mission and is offered at a very competitive rate through our management mandate. This mandate will bind us for a fixed term and will engage us as agent and you lessor also mandating reciprocal obligations which will be:


  • Inform the lessor of any problems that may arise in particular with respect to the fenced, covered, or impacting the decency of the dwelling
  • Reverser le loyer et les charges au bailleur
  • Regularly report on stewardship
  • Bill our fees
  • Inform the lessor of the tenant's failures and any written notices issued
  • Regularly advise the lessor, depending on the situation with the tenant (leave, early departure), changes in legislation, deadlines and possible options, or at his request


  • To take any necessary and useful action to preserve the decency of housing
  • Provide us with all administrative and legal documents
    (current lease, tenant file, diagnoses, property tax notice, trustee expenses and regularizations)
  • Pay the fees
  • Inform us of any changes that may impact the management of the property
    (change of address, sale of property, leave)

Beyond this basic mission, we can also extend our services and offer you additional services. These optional services significantly complement the services you expect from us to guarantee optimal service.

Your obligations to us change little. Ours, mandatary, get heavier all the more you choose options and advantages in the following list:


  • Payment of the charges to the trustee, they will then be deducted from the rents paid to the lessor
  • Commitment of possible procedures, beyond the formal notice, we take all legal actions and follow them until their term
  • Look for a new tenant (upon delivery of the tenant's holiday in place)
  • Engage a new lease
  • Draw up the inventory of fixtures (entry and exit)
  • Insure the lessor against the risk of unpaid bills and degradations.
  • Insure the lessor against the risk of vacancy.
  • Insure the lessor as a non-occupying homeowner
  • Manage incidents and proceed with minor repairs (the spending limit for the lessor is specified in the mandate)
  • Preparation of the tax declaration (2044, 2044s, 2042c.)
  • Report and manage claims (unpaid rents)

Finally, we specify you, in addition to the advantageous package that we propose with regard to the quality of our services, management fees as well as unpaid rent insurance premiums constitute a deductible charge of the property revenues.