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We manage more than 700 lots, and we have NO outstanding payments.

Entrust us your property: we take care of everything, and you receive your rent every month, without having anything to do.

How it works ?

3 simple steps:

1) Your ad online

We put your ad online on more than 30 different sites in an attractive way (and we check that your property complies with the law in force for rental - so you do not have to worry)

2) We find your ideal tenant

We carry out as many personalized visits as necessary to find your ideal tenant. That is to say who will pay in time, who will take care of your home, and who will stay there as long as possible. We take care of everything.

3) You automatically receive your rent

You receive your rent, without doing anything (and it's like that every month, year after year).

Our service

  • Search for the ideal tenant (the one who will pay on time, and who will never degrade your property)
  • Personal visit of each tenant
  • Solvency check of each tenant's file
  • Lease writing
  • Drafting of joint and several guarantees (drafted by
    professionals, to bring you maximum security)
  • Writing of the decree of recoverable custom loads
  • Drafting of the decree of interviews and rental repairs personalized.
  • Establishment of the inventory
  • No additional fees.

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Why choose us ? 3 essential points

We assure you an ultra-fast rental

No one wants to wait for months for his property to be rented.
To overcome this problem, we offer visitors a virtual tour of your property (in addition to putting your property on more than 30 websites). This virtual tour is done in HDR, so that your property looks as beautiful as possible. Your future tenants can have an overview of your property BEFORE coming to visit.
Result: your property is rented 2 to 3 times faster than normal.

We're here for you !

Digital has enabled many real estate agencies to see the light of day. It's great, but there is a problem: today, there are no real real estate agencies.
Everyone is online, but no one is present. Not us ! We know that nothing replaces the presence of a real estate agent. Whether when a water damage happens, when a complication occurs, to accompany experts, or even to make a visit.
That's why our agency is open from Monday to Saturday, from 09:30 to 19:30. Do you have any questions? Any doubt? Any problem? Call us, or go directly to us.We will always be there for you, available, ready to help you.

We put your safety first

Your security is our priority. For example, we know that some colleagues favor group visits and speed of file evolution to save time. Not us ! Each visit is made individually. We then take the time to know each of your tenants, in order to choose the best possible for you and your property.
He who will stay in your property for a long time, who will take care of it, and who will pay his rent every month, in due time. Our working method works, the proof: 95% of our properties have guarantors natural persons, and we have NO unpaid (despite the fact that we currently manage more than 700 lots).
If you want us to manage yours too in order to receive your rent every month without having anything to do, entrust us with our property.

Leave your phone number for a free callback by one of our advisors, or call 01 75 77 05 75 for more information.

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